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Vacation Award Terms

Official Rules

    Vacation Award Terms
  1. No Resident ristrictions.
  2. No entry limit.
  3. Sweepstakes restarts each quarterly.
    All email addresses deleted at the close of each sweepstakes.
  4. Wins Limited to one per quarter.
  5. No Purchase Required.
  6. Winners must be 25 years of Age Or Older.
    Sorry, Blame the spring-breakers for this one, to much property has been damaged.
  7. Awards do not include gratuities, Winners are free to provide them or not and to whom he/she desires.
  8. Awards may include 2 minors under 12 years of age free with 2 adults.
    No four adults in one suite.
  9. Winner reservations are confirmed only by a precise number on our form issued by Inter-Mex Marketing.
  10. Reservations are confirmed as space is available only. Make your reservation as far ahead as possible.
  11. When checking in Winners must present their confirmed Award Documents and personal identification.
  12. Winners are required to comply with the rules and operating policies of the resort.
  13. All resort guest are required to present picture id and credit card to guarantee phone charges etc..

  14. First Prize Concieved Value $1,150.00 - $5,000.00 Includes:
    a) Airline Tickets For 2 Persons.
    b) Food & Beverages For 2 Persons.
    c) Accommodations For 2 Persons.

  15. Second Prize Concieved Value $400.00 - $2,500.00 Includes:
    a) Airline Tickets For 2 Persons Only.
    Winners are required to stay in resort awarding the tickets.

  16. Third Prize Concieved Value $290.00 - $900.00 Includes:
    a) Accommodations Only.
    Awards may include 2 minors under 12 years of age free with 2 adults.

    Note: Inter-mex must follow the terms set by individual resort. The terms may be a little different in each resort but the above terms cover all awards. If an entrant wins accommodations in a all-inclusive resort the winners are required to purchase the all-inclusive portion of their stay. In Cancun and Cabo the same quality of resorts are $225.00 & up per day for accommodations only, concived award value $900.00 USD. Hotel and airport taxes are not included in awards in some cases.

    Lighthouse Point Estates Terms.
  1. No Purchase Required.
  2. Adult Couples Only Living & Traveling Together, Must be 25 years of Age Or Older.
  3. Legal Title transfer must take place in Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico.
  4. Winner is responsible for all closing cost & title expenses as required by International Land Title & Escrow of Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico for the legal ownership benefits as required by Mexican Law.
  5. Must be of legal adult age to complete title.
  6. US Title Insurance is furnished by the Developer on the entire project, if a winner desires title insurance on the homesite awarded it is at their own expense.

Guest Are Required To Have A FUN Holiday!!
We'll Do Our Best To Help!

Privacy Policy
Villa La Paloma condo #137,
Lazaro Cardenas esq. Bordo,
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico 23410
tel 624-143-1157 ext 137, fax 624-143-1159

Forget The Myth, All Awards Are Free.
Win A Car You pay title fees, license & Insurance.
Win a $25,000.00 Lot you pay legitimate closing cost.
Win a vacation award there are minor cost depending on the award.

The Sweepstakes Is To Promote Each Resort.
Awards Are Valid Only In The Resort Awarding The Prize.
All Information Is Furnished By The Resort.
Inter-Mex Believes All Information Is Up To Date And Valid.
Inter-Mex Has Inspected Each Resort To Verify All Pictures & Information.